The Tudor Tack Shoppe

9780 51 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB  T6E0A6
Phone: (780) 469-9529 / Email:

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9780 51 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB, T6E0A6 The Tudor Tack Shoppe

Blanket Wash & Repair

If you’ve got a dirty or damaged blanket you can drop it off at Tudor Equestrian for cleaning and repair. The off-site cleaning service we use takes the utmost care with your blankets utilizing line-drying to protect the water resistant materials which comprise many blankets. Repairs are made with durable threads and replacement hardware in order to maximize blanket life.

Please bring your blankets in a plastic bag and have our helpful staff register them for the cleaning and repair process.

Store Hours

Sunday & Monday- CLOSED

Tuesday,Wednesday & Friday-
10am - 6pm

10am - 7pm

10am - 5pm