The Tudor Tack Shoppe

9780 51 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB  T6E0A6
Phone: (780) 469-9529 / Email:

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9780 51 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB, T6E0A6 The Tudor Tack Shoppe

Saddle Fitting

Our saddle fitters understand the requirements of both the horse and rider and work with the customer to achieve their needs. We cater to all budgets, and all levels of riding and disciplines.

How do you proceed?

We recommend you come into Tudor Equestrian, or send us a message on Facebook and we will go over exactly what you are looking for in style, size, and budget. The same proceedure is recommended if you are wanting us to view your current saddle to assess whether or not adjustments are required to improve the fit.

Next, we will arrange an appointment to come to your stable to view your horse and make an assessment on what is needed. Additionally the on-site appointment allows you to ride in the different saddles our saddle fitter will bring based on the discussion.

If you train regularly with a coach, we recommend that he/she attend the on-site appointment, or that you keep the saddle of choice so that he/she can assess your position in the saddle.

How much does it cost?

$100 for the appoinment within the Edmonton Area. If travelling is required we increase to $150 with a minimum number of fits.

For any questions or concerns regarding saddle fitting please email

Store Hours

Sunday & Monday- CLOSED

Tuesday,Wednesday & Friday-
10am - 6pm

10am - 7pm

10am - 5pm