How do I log in as a consignor?

Just click on the Login link in the page header. Your username will be the email you provided us, and the password is the phone number you provided (10 digits) with no spaces or dashes. Phone us at the store if you have any issues accessing your account.

Having trouble accessing the log in?

Try another browser. Internet Explorer doesn't display the pages correctly and sometimes kicks you back to the homepage rather than sending you to log in. You can also try clicking 'Login' or 'Dashboard' above the header if the consignor login button isn't working.

My items are showing expired or sold expired, what does that mean?

Per your contract with Tudor, items can only remain in the store/on the floor for a set period of time. Items must be sold or collected prior to this timeframe elapsing, or they expire and either become store inventory or the items/their funds are donated to an equine charity. Again, dependent on the terms of your contract.

What items do you accept on consignment?

All items and apparel related to owning, riding, driving and managing horses. We only ask that items are clean and in good repair.

How do you price items for consignment?

While consignors may opt to price their own items, this is not always the case. When pricing items we consider:

  • Brand
  • Condition
  • Cost New
  • Supply/Demand

When can I drop consignment off?

You can drop off consignment anytime during business hours. To save you time, we suggest you print the contract and fill out your inventory before coming to the store. However, you can fill this out in store if you prefer.

How do I use my credit or request a payment?

Credit is now available immediately after the sale of an item, we are so excited to be able to offer this new upgrade. We can issue a payment for accounts over $100, however, credit is only available to be requested on or after the 15th of the month following the items sale. Payments take 10 business days to process.