Unbelts - Classic


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Threading an Unbelt through your belt loops is a little bittersweet. On one hand, you experience a kind of fit you never knew existed - finally! On the other hand, you realise you'll never again have buckle bulk under your t-shirts, that gap at the back of your jeans, or the laundry day fuss of unthreading it from your belt loops. Wait. That's just sweet. Flexible, adjustable stretch band 1/8"-thick all-metal buckle Washable in your belt loops Guaranteed to last... and to become totally indispensable. SHIPPING OPTIONS While our we can currently offer only FedEx and USPS online, if you would prefer a shipping quote from Canada Post, please send us an email with the item link(s) to [email protected], providing your postal code and we will happily gather this information for you. Alternately, please feel free order your items online so you don’t miss out, and just select the ‘Store Pickup’ option. Then, send us an email to request shipment via Canada Post and we can charge the shipping after you have made your purchase.