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Boots - Equi Chaps - Neoprene - Blue - Equilibrium

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The Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Close Contact Turnout Chaps fit close to your horse's legs, like a second skin, to keep them protected from the damaging effects of mud. These boots completely encase the lower leg, covering the hoof, heel and fetlock area.

Offering mild protection from brushing and overreach injuries they eliminate the need for a brushing boot and an overreach boot when turning out. They are very easy to clean and dry quickly and the touch and close straps make them secure even around the fetlock area.

With handy grip tabs for easy removal, they can be worn on both the front and back legs.

Made from a perforated neoprene, the Equi-Chaps Turnout Boots are breathable, soft and comfortable, allowing superb freedom of movement without the risk of them slipping.

MSRP - $93.00