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Slinky - Full Head/Neck - Navy - Sleezy Sleepware - L

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What Sleazy Sleepwear does:
Trains and protects the mane 24 hours a day
Keeps heavy quilted hoods from rubbing out the mane
Keeps braided mane secure and clean
Holds body heat in for shorter coats (Fleece)
Polishes the hair coat
Keeps flies and insects off the neck and face
Keeps sun from sunburning neck and face
Can be used when heavier hoods are too warm
Looks incredibly great and is fun for the owner!

All Sleazies incorporate a unique computer designed, form fit, seamless face construction, for the best possible fit without irritation. Other benefits include:

- Made with generously sized patterns and 4-way stretch, premium fabrics.
- Large eye holes and ear holes
- Wide, adjustable, fleece lined nose band.
- Zipper option that adds a high quality, reliable, fully separating zipper
- All closures use a special, low profile, high strength, genuine Velcro fastener, for maximum strength, reliability and ease of use.
- Fully finished hems with 3/4" elastic for lasting durability
- Heavy duty, fully hemmed, girth elastic.

A word about sizing:
All of the Sleazy sleepware horse garments are designed to fit using the horses actual weight.A weight tape will provide the information needed to select a correct sized garmment

What are Sleazy Sleepware garments made of?
The people at Sleazy Sleepware specialize in using stretch fabrics to make their garments. The 3 main types of fabric used are:
Nylon or polyester lycra: A woven fabric made from durable nylon or polyester fibers, in combination with spandex fibers, that results in a fabric with superior stretch.
Polyester stretch Fleece: This product not only stretches but adds warmth to the garmetns. It is made of poyester fibers in combination with spandex fibers. The outside of the fabric has a smooth surface and the inside has a soft warm fleece pile.
Polyester knit: This durable fabric is made of 100% polyester fibers. It derives its stretch from the type of knit weave used when it is manufactured.

Sleazy Sleepware garments are easy care