Clean it like it never happened!

Keep your machine in tip-top condition - don't risk damage washing blankets and equestrian tack at home. Let us do it the right way. Drop your blankets off and let our professional cleaning and repair service sort them for you.

Why use a professional?






Wash Charge

Waterproofing Charge

(by request only)

Blankets/Sheets w/ Hood/Neck



Blankets/Sheets – No Hood/Neck



Medium Item - Hoods etc



Small Item / Saddle Pad



Offering quality service at affordable prices.


All repairs are charged on a per-item basis, dependent on time and materials.

All items requiring repair will also be washed and charged appropriately.

What Next?

Bag your items (items not bagged will be charged $1 bagging fee) and drop them off any time during business hours.  Either bring your form with you, or fill it out in store.

Item Repair/Wash Agreement