I don't have an option to checkout of my cart or pay for my items?

If you are looking to get a shipping quote, please make sure you have put a space in the postal code, just as you would write it. Then it should prompt you to choose a shipping method. Once you select the shipping method you will get the paypal option below it on the screen

If you want to collect in store, then you need to click the red NO beside the 'In-store pickup' and when it becomes green you will get the paypal option below it on the screen.

Can you ship with Canada Post? Is it cheaper?

We certainly can and do ship via Canada post, we have set our webstore to ensure that the shipping prices reflected are accurate for Canada Post. Unfortunately, we just can't automate it on the webstore platform yet so it will continue to say FedEx.

There are occassions where the shipping comes more expensive than seems correct. In this instance, purchase the products to instore pickup and then request a shipping quote in the customer notes.We will get a quote for you, which you can pay by etransfer or ccard, and we'll get them shipped out!

What is your returns policy?

Our store is consignment, so there is a no-returns policy.

Do you allow saddle trials?

YES! Saddle trials are important to make sure you have the right fit. We require you fill out the saddle trial agreement, provide a copy of your ID and a credit card that we will pre-authorse for the value of the saddle + GST. Saddle trials are 1 week long.

Can you ship a saddle trial?

YES! Shipping is at the trialers expense. Shipped saddle trials are a maximum of 10 days in length including shipping. Please see the information on saddle trials above.

I purchased a saddle and it doesn't fit, can I return it as a saddle trial?

No. Purchases are a different process, and the consignor can see their item has sold the moment you purchase it. If you want to trial a saddle, you must inform us so we can follow the saddle trial procedure.

Why don't you measure English Saddle gullets in inches point to point?

It is not a true measurement. The tree points in English saddles aren't accessible for us to provide a true tree-point to tree-point measurement. Measuring button to button, does not allow you to accurately compare two saddles as these are not the actual tree points and differ on each brand, style etc. We measure width based on a standard medium bust, so all of the widths for our saddles are directly comparable to each other in the store. They also align with the makers marks for the brands that stamp their widths. Tree points are visible and measurable in Western saddles, this is why they are measured in inches.

Easter sale - Limits & free shipping minimums

Free shipping for our easter sale is on orders over $150. If your cart total is more than $150 (before tax) and your free shipping isn't coming up, please select in-store pickup and note that you'd like shipping in the comments section. 15% off applies to all inventory, except saddles. Saddles are 5% off.



When can I drop consignment off?

You can drop off consignment anytime during business hours. To save you time, we suggest you print the contract and fill out your inventory before coming to the store. However, you can fill this out in store if you prefer.

What items do you accept on consignment?

All items and apparel related to owning, riding, driving and managing horses. We only ask that items are clean and in good repair.

How do you price items for consignment?

While consignors may opt to price their own items, this is not always the case. When pricing items we consider:

How do I log in as a consignor?

Just click on the little person icon in the top right corner of the screen. Your username will be the email you provided us, and the password is the phone number you provided (10 digits) with no spaces or dashes. Phone us at the store if you have any issues accessing your account.

Having trouble accessing the log in?

Try another browser. Internet Explorer, and sometimes Safari, don't display the pages correctly and sometimes kicks you back to the homepage rather than sending you to log in. Phone us if your user information isn't recognised.

How to I collect my consignment items?

Item collections require 1 weeks notice. We need this time to fill out paperwork, collect items off the floor, and remove them from the online inventory. Please note, until items are able to be processed within the week notice period - they remain available for sale.

Depending on the timeframe since you dropped off, and the terms of your specific agreement, there may be an admin fee payable for early collection. Please refer to your agreement or contact us for specific details.

My items are showing as donated, expired or sold expired, what does that mean?

Depending on the timeframe since you dropped off your consignment, and the terms of your specific agreement items can only remain in the store/on the floor for a set period of time. Items must be sold or collected prior to this timeframe elapsing, or they expire and either become store inventory or the items/their funds are donated to an equine charity. Again, dependent on the terms of your contract. Expired items cannot be collected.

How do I use my credit or request a payment?

Credit is now able to be used for purchases immediately after the sale of an item, we are so excited to be able to offer this new upgrade. However, credit is only available to be requested for payment on or after the 15th of the month following the items sale. Payments take 10 business days to process.

Please check your account to ensure you have $100 or more of current and AVAILABLE credit before completing this form, then submit your request here.

Note: we will NOT notify you if you do not have enough available credit for your request. The system will automatically cancel these requests.

What do you mean by AVAILABLE credit?

Available credit is the total payable for all items sold  in the previous months; assuming you are completing this request on or after the 15th of the current month. For example:
-A March 15 request would include all items sold up-to and including February 28
-A March 14 request would include all items sold up-to and including January 31