Saddle Fitting

As Master Instructor English & Western, and with years of professional saddle fitting experience - our fitter understands the requirements of the horse and the rider.

Take the guess work out of it, and maximize your horses ability - with the right fit for you both. Whether you want an assessment on your existing saddle, or are in the market for a new saddle - we can help!

We are not affiliated with one particular brand and we stock a broad range of consignment saddles. Unlike other saddle fitters, we are able to cater to all budgets, disciplines and all levels of riding.
Saddle fitter is not currently takin appointments, please email for additional info.

Benefits to using a professional saddle fitter?

How do you proceed?

Provide details

Provide Pictures

Have your horse standing square and facing forward. Take the following pictures:

Appointment Time

Once we have all of the required information, we will contact you to arrange your appointment. We can come to your stable to view your horse and make an assessment on what is needed or you can haul into the store. The benefit of on-site appointments is that you will have the opportunity to ride in the saddles during the process as needed. 

If you train regularly with a coach, we recommend that they attend any on-site appointments, or that you trial your saddle of choice after the appointment so that he/she can assess your position in the saddle for your discipline and training.

Saddle Fitting Costs


Store haul-in


Up-to 30 minutes from the store


30-45 minutes from the store


Greater than 45 minutes from store*

$150 + travel

*May require a minimum number of fits. Contact the store to discuss. Travel is charged at 50c/km each way over 45km.


Saddle Trials

General Terms

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